Gino Interviews with Mark Metry on the Humans 2.0 Podcast

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In his interview with Mark Metry on the Humans 2.0 Podcast, you’ll hear from Gino Wickman as he discusses his new book, Entrepreneurial Leap

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Gino in this episode:

  • Finding the work hard / play hard balance
  • How Gino discovered his passion to help Entrepreneurs
  • The power of opening up yourself to vulnerability and being unapologetically YOU
  • Taking the leap to start your own business
  • The 6 essential traits of an entrepreneur
  • The entrepreneurial range
  • How to take action and be patient as you build your business

The entrepreneurial trait of being a risk taker means one doesn't freeze when it's time to make a tough decision.

Next Steps

Take about 30 minutes to write down the answers to these questions:

  1. What are your three greatest successes?
  2. What are your three greatest failures?
  3. What has life prepared you for?

We’d like to thank Mark Metry for inviting Gino to share his passion for helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making.

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