My Mentors

A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser, counselor, or guide. Mentorship involves finding someone who is where you want to be and asking that person to take you under their wing and teach you everything they know.

Floyd Wickman

My dad and I stumbled into the mentoring relationship when I got into the real estate industry. I finally woke up around age 23 and realized that he was a pretty smart guy. We had a very informal relationship and I learned so much from him for the next ten years.

Sam Cupp

My Dad introduced me to Sam Cupp, a very successful entrepreneur. We really hit it off, and I asked him to be my mentor.

My relationship with Sam Cupp was much more structured. I met with Sam for an hour and a half every other month for four years. I would share all my ideas and issues, and he would impart his wisdom and perspectives.

Dan Sullivan

I found my third mentor by signing up for Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach Program. I actually started the program with one of his coaches for 3 years, until I could afford to bump up to Dan’s  program.

Become A Mentor

If you are a successful entrepreneur and have a passion for helping people, entrepreneurs-in-the-making need you. Becoming a mentor is an opportunity to leave a legacy and put a dent in the universe. Think of an entrepreneur-in-the-making in your life that would greatly benefit from your wisdom and experience.