Who Should Read Leap?

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If you, or someone you care about, are an entrepreneur-in-the-making, you’ve come to the right place.

Does the following description sound like you, or someone you know?

“When I was an 18- year-old entrepreneur-in-the-making, I felt lost, confused and different from most of my friends. Looking back, it would have been great to have something to show me what I was, as well as to have something that would provide me a path to becoming what I was born to be—an entrepreneur.”

Gino Wickman, author of Entrepreneurial Leap: Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur?, was once in your shoes. That’s why he created Leap. In the words of Danielle Kennedy, “We teach what we needed the most.”

Entrepreneurial Leap is devoted to helping you understand your true skill set, your genetic code. It will give you a clear path to fully realize your entrepreneurial potential, regardless of your age or current situation.

How Can You Help an Entrepreneur-In-The-Making In Your Life?

In addition to directly helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making, Entrepreneurial Leap is also designed for anyone that has an entrepreneur-in-the-making in their life. It will help you help them. If you are a parent, relative or spouse of an entrepreneur-in-the-making, Entrepreneurial Leap will help you understand and encourage them. If you are an educator, mentor or coach of entrepreneurs-in-the-making, this resource is intended to make your work a little easier.

If you have interest in mentoring future entrepreneurs, this book will do 80% of the heavy lifting for you.

Just follow the Mentor Track:

  1. Give them a copy of the book to read
  2. Schedule a meeting with them
  3. Have them bring their questions from the book and any general questions
  4. Answer their questions
  5. Share your experiences and insights

Learn How Entrepreneurial Leap Can Help

Entrepreneurial Leap is an easy-to-use guide that will help you decide, once and for all, if entrepreneurship is right for you—because success as an entrepreneur depends on far more than just a great idea and a generous helping of luck.

In this three-part book, Gino Wickman, bestselling author of Traction and creator of EOS Worldwide, reveals the six essential traits that every entrepreneur needs in order to succeed, based on real-world startups that have reached incredible heights. If these traits ring true for you, you’ll get a glimpse of what your life would look like as an entrepreneur.

What’s more, Wickman will help you determine what type of business best suits your unique skill set and provide a detailed roadmap, with tools, tips, and exercises, that will accelerate your path to startup success. Packed with real-life stories and practical advice, Leap is a simple how-to manual for BIG results.

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